Won World Cup for India, Australia went on tour, now wants to uproot Virat Kohli in IPL 2021


Now who has challenged Virat Kohli, there will be something in it. Syed Mushtaq has taken 13 wickets in 5 matches of the trophy.

Virat Kohli’s wicket on the target of Ishan Porel

Age 22 years. But, this bowler’s dream is Virat Kohli’s wicket. IPL 2021 has not even started yet, but this Indian bowler has revealed his game plan. It has told that in the 14th season of IPL, the wicket of RCB captain Virat Kohli will be on his target. The young bowler, who is playing with the Punjab Kings, commanded by KL Rahul himself, has directly announced to open the front against King Kohli.

Now who has challenged Virat Kohli, there will be something in it. The name of this player is registered for the 2018 Under-19 World Cup title. When New Zealand became the World Champion for the fourth time under-19 Indian team, this bowler was a part of that team. Moreover, it was also on India’s tour of Australia in 2020-21. Not as the main bowler but as a net bowler. The BCCI also named it one of the 4 bowlers selected for the tour as a net bowler. But, unfortunately, the hamstring injury forced it to return to India.

Ishan Porel’s dream Virat Kohli’s wicket

Obviously, you must be wondering who is this bowler. So let us say that his name is Ishan Porel. When the 22-year-old fast bowler was asked about his dream wicket in IPL 2021, he took only one name – Virat Kohli. Porel said that it is my dream to take Virat’s wicket because I have grown up watching him win India. I want the wicket of Virat Kohli as he is the best batsman in all three formats of cricket.

Ishan took 13 wickets in the Syed Mushtaq Trophy

Bowling has done Virat on the net

Ishan Porel, who played in domestic cricket from Bengal, told that after returning from Australia, he rehabbed at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. Being fit, he also participated in the Vijay Hazare Trophy and before that in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. In 5 matches of Syed Mushtaq Ali, Ishan Porel took 13 wickets in his name

Porel said, “I have bowled a lot on Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma on the net.” When I was in Australia for 10 days, I bowled a lot to him there too. I had a lot to learn. When you bowl such a big batsman, you learn it anyway. According to Porel, he is now looking to take advantage of the same in IPL 2021.