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3 batsmen out for 99, unique history made in this match by missing a century!

This was the first case of the Nervous Nights of its kind. It mainly fell on the Pakistani batsmen.

Accepting greetings from the audience by taking off the helmet in a packed stadium with both hands raised in the air. If this is the moment, a batsman is destined to score a century. From this moment you can understand the importance of three points in the life and career of a batsman. But if a player misses the 100 marks by just one run, then no one can know the pain better than that player. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such match, in which not one, not two, but three batsmen returned to the pavilion for 99 runs and could not complete their century. This unique history was created on this day in 1973.

The match between Pakistan and England took place in 1973.

The match was played in Karachi from 24 to 29 March. Pakistan had first batting, then declared the first innings for 445 runs after losing 6 wickets. Opener Sadiq Mohammad was dismissed for 89 runs and missed out on a century by 11 runs. Now, the hope of completing this task was from Captain Majid Khan, who landed at number three, and the batsman of number four, Mushtaq Mohammad. Hopefully, because both of them were doing amazing batting. But Majid Khan was dismissed for 99 runs. He caught Amis off Pokok’s ball.

England’s batsman also missed a century

After the exit of Majid Khan, eyes were now set on Mushtaq Mohammad. But Mushtaq too was determined not to score more than Majid and he too returned to the pavilion for 99 runs. The bad thing is that he was unfortunate runout. This story of getting out for 99 runs did not stop here. England scored 386 runs in the first innings. In that too, Denis Amis followed Majid and Mushtaq. Dennis returned to the pavilion for 99 runs, caught by Sarfaraz Nawaz off Intikhab Alam. In this way, three batsmen were dismissed for 99 runs in the match.

England got the target of 259 runs

Pakistan scored just 199 runs in the second innings. Wicketkeeper-batsman Wasim Bari scored the most 41 runs for the team. Apart from them, Talat Ali scored 39, Asif Iqbal scored 36 and Sarfaraz Nawaz scored 33 not out. For England, Norman Gifford and Jack Birkshaw hunted five batsmen. In this way, England got the target of 259 runs to win. The match was declared as the England team had scored 30 runs for 1 wicket.

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