Akshay Kumar is around 53, but still looks as if he is just 35. Why? It’s because of all the hard work he has done and sweat it out. The actor is known and respected by not only his fans but also in whole Bollywood industry colleagues for his passion for fitness. 

His disciplined schedule and a balanced lifestyle has led him to become an inspirational fitness icon in Bollywood and outside too. Thousands of youths follow him for his muscular physique. It’s all the result of the hardcore strenuous workout and a strict diet that he regularly follows. Also he is known and trained as a martial arts expert. Gaining such an athletic body is an easy task, it requires lots of training but before that your vision should be clear about it. 

So today we have gathered five things which we can learn through his fitness regime. 


He promotes natural fitness. 

He is not much in support of any supplements, protein powders or shakes. Instead, he believes that gym can help you strengthen your stamina. 

Also he follows a very strict discipline daily schedule that includes waking up early, working out which involves basketball, kick-boxing, yoga, swimming and lots of martial arts, and he often posts videos on Instagram to motivate his followers. Even said this “”We Are What We Eat, Be a Product of Mother Nature. DON’T be a Product of a Product, #AntiSupplements. Be True to your body & it’ll carry you in ways you only dreamed of at this age…trust me, I’m a father of two. Take care, 1 Life, Get It Right.”


Do not smoke or drink

Akshay Kumar also refrains from indulging in both smoking and drinking along with an excess intake of caffeine . “If you smoke or drink, you will not have the stamina to work out,” Akshay said. Even at work he prefers to be in a smoking zone. 


Eat home cooked food. 

Actor prefer home cooked food more, as it is the best way to stay healthy. “Whatever your mother makes at home is the best,” Akshay said.  He is also a follower of Ayurveda and often talks about it through his social media platforms. 


Self discipline and sleeping early should be the habit and that is the key. 

The actor teaches and inspires us to be self disciplined. Even he is very careful and strict about his shoot timings. He plans in a way so that he doesn’t need to get indulged in late night shoots. He said, “I love my sleep and I love to see the mornings. People who invite me to a party know that I will leave early because I have to be in bed. And let me tell you, I hate night shifts”. This shows how much concerned and the ways he takes care of his health too. 


Increase your water intake

Water is the most essential nutrient that your body requires. Drinking 3-4 litres of water in a day is very essential. It can decrease your appetite, aid in digestion and boost your overall metabolism. Also, do not replace water with any other drink or beverage as it has high calorie intake. Inadequate hydration can lead you to tiredness and fatigue. So make sure to drink adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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