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Baylor beatdown: Bears win the title, hang 86-70 loss on Gonzaga

INDIANAPOLIS – There were other team players who stand out throughout the whole season. Their amazing performance looked unstoppable and undefeatable, which points out towards the winner of the national title. 

The pandemic because of Covid-19 put a stop to the undefeated dream as it has been seen in Baylor that nothing can stop him from cutting down the nets, and no one can give competition to them, including Gonzaga. 

The fresh-as-can-be Bears defeated the wobbly-legged march of Gonzaga’s on Monday night to its own undefeated and victorious season. It was a runaway of 86-70 that delivered this program of once-downtrodden the first national title back home to Waco, Texas.

For the Bears (28-2), 23-years-old MaCio Teague scored19, and 20-years-old Jared Butler had 22 points who managed to rank in second or third position in the poll of AP all year long but never made it to the first. That always happens because of one team and maybe just because of a break of three-week that put a stop to a start of 17-0 and sapping the burgeoning momentum of Baylor.

American basketball coach named Scott Drew mentioned to everyone that “Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Gonzaga and we were on the right path to being victorious and undefeated,” in the socially distanced arena or stage during a Television interview while confetti brushing off.

So possibly this was a shocking blowout in one of the several anticipated basketball match finals in memory that in December, a meeting up between teams whose own matchup in the regular season had been scrapped because of a pandemic outbreak while believing it should not have come as a shock.

In February, after the two losses which came after the pandemic break of team Baylor, it has appeared like a memory far-off come from the month of March, and in April, they seem to like growing more stronger with the strategies and game plan.

Baylor successfully outscored all of the six of its opponent team in the tournament match with an average of points 15. The team managed to beat the score Houston in the semifinal. And just in five minutes of starting the final match, the bears headed were ahead of Gonzaga with double digits.

Beating the offensive glass as Baylor won the battle with the strong score of 16-5 and managed to succeed as the winners of the lion’s share of the 50-50 balls. The Bears were not ready to let this person come down to a miracle of Jalen Suggs. The buzzer-beater Gonzaga freshman from the very near logo of half-court got the Zags to the final game that stood as their season’s first true test of the season.

After the lead of 19-point running early, the Bears did not let go the closer than nine to Gonzaga. Butler played excellently and was named as the Four’s Final most outstanding player of the tournament. Butler said somewhere he was cleared that his team was up big, who told his team not to focus on the scoreboard; the main focus was we were scoring, and they are unable to, and that was literally electrifying.

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