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Becky Haman made history in NBA, becoming the first coach of the woman play team

San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hamann made history on Wednesday. Becky Hamann became the first woman to be the coach of an NBA team. Head coach Greg Popovich was evicted when Becky Hamann took over as head coach. Popovich scored two technical fouls with 3:56 left in the second quarter with the Spurs trailing 107–121 against the visiting team Los Angeles Lakers.

After creating history, Becky Haman said, ‘I was not going into the field thinking that coaching will have to be done today. But this is how things happen and you have to get into it. I like the different outcomes of the match more.

By the way, I would have been happy to win more matches today than anything. ‘ Haman would not have known that he was the coach if Popovich had not been evicted from the match. How did Becky Haman know? Haman said, ‘Popovich officially pointed at me. It was settled. You got the hint. Popovich narrates things like this. ‘ Sen. Antonio’s team was 11 points behind when Popovich was evicted.

Becky Haman got everyone’s support

Becky Haman said, ‘We all gathered. Will Hardy, Mitch Johnson (assistant coach) all asked, ‘What do we do to help?’ At that time everyone was thinking the same thing about how to win. It was a brilliant team effort. Everyone was coming to my ears and giving advice and helping in everything. When the Pope was thrown out, we all united and became like the other team. ‘

Becky Hamann, 43, is an assistant coach for the Spurs since August 2014. She is the first woman to be officially paid for full-time capacity. Haman spent 16 years with the New York Liberty at the WNBA, 1999–2006. She then remained with Sen. Antonia Stars until 2007–14, which was later bought by Spurs.

Becky Haman said after playing the Spurs’ coach on Wednesday, “It was a big chance.” A huge moment. I am a part of this organization. I moved here in 2007 and have been a part of the spurs in San Antonio since then. For 13 years I have been with stars and spurs all things. I got a lot of time to invest and they had a lot of time to invest in me. Spurs built Hamann and made me better. ‘

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