Such mind-blowing achievements, capture our hearts. So here we share about it. 

Aditya Sharma and his wife Gayatri Sharma’s weight loss journey has been really inspirational and viral. Their fitness story inspires people to eat clean and live a healthy life. They don’t belong to a metropolitan city; instead, they are tucked away from the lanes of Sirohi, a village in jodhpur Rajasthan. Aditya who is 41 years old and Gayatri who is 32 years old have set a branch mark that anyone and everyone can lead a healthy and fit life irrespective of background, place, or color. Aditya lost 20 kilos and went from 72 to 52 kg in a year, his wife Gayatri lost 10 kilos dropping from 62 to 52 kilos with regular workouts,s and by eating right, this is their secret. 

  • Determination 
  • Set Goals and work on it


Today, this couple has really set examples especially among youths and ordinary people that how much it is to live a healthy life. 

And above all the two major keys have to be followed, the first one is determination and the second one is self-discipline. Aditya is a full-time government employee who works in the education department. And now, after this groundbreaking achievement along with his wife Gayatri, who is also a certified nutrition coach like him, the couple runs, a fitness care center in Sirohi. And now the couple’s major goal is to make people live healthy by understanding its importance. 

  • Healthy examples
  • Determination & Discipline 


They have a couple of kids who age between 14 to 9. How ideal, they must be in the eyes of their own children. 

Who is taking such a revolutionary step to bring a healthy change in society? The couple said weight loss cannot be done in one day. It’s a whole combination of determination, consistency, and a nerve-giving up mindset. and the process itself is not easy. Like when Gayatri Sharma updated a picture of the success of losing weight and posted pictures of her weight training, people mocked her. So that’s another thing because people don’t really understand the importance of women lifting weight. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to go to gym if you aren’t a gym freak. You can workout at home. 

You can also enroll in an online workout session making sure that you do high-intensity interval training, do cardio, or workouts that burn high calories. Make a schedule of doing it every day for 30 mins. Also, following a proper diet endnote skipping the meal is the key. Your diet should include carbohydrates and proteins such as chicken, eggs, rajma, soya. Or if it’s difficult for you to start diet directly you can opt for a calorie deficit. The couple urges all of us to stay poise, calm, and positive under all circumstances. 

So what are you waiting for? Brace yourself up, gather your heart and mind and just do it. Make your life inspirational, so that people around you can learn more.