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Edward George will be taking over the football program at Tennessee State University.


Edward Nathan George is an American footballer who is born in 1973 on September 24 who became a part of the nine seasons of the National Football League. At the present time, he is a head coach of Tennessee state. He was in The Ohio State University, and in 1995, he managed to win Heisman Trophy. He entered the football world as a professional in NFL Draft in 1996 and played like a professional player for (both Houston, which was known as Houston Oilers and Tennessee) Tennesse Titans and Dallas Cowboys. In 2011, Edward was announced as a college football hall of fame. 

And he earned MBA from Kellogg School of Management, which is a Northwestern University. Edward attended as a guest for the very first time on an American Tv channel in 2015 named IFC’s episode of the Tv series named Comedy Bang Bang; the satirical talk -show titled wit Edward named then in 2016, he arrived in musical Chicago on the Broadway as the Billy Flynn, the hustling lawyer.

In 2020, the rumors started rolling very fast, which is totally confirmed that George will be going to take over the program of football at Tennessee State University. Brett McMurphy announced this news in the stadium, and later, Tennessean confirmed the news that McMurphy announced.

The report confirms that Rod Reed, an outgoing coach, will hold his team when he was taking over the program on the night of Saturday. At TSU, Rod Reed started wrapping up for his eleventh season. 

Eddie George has great football coaching experience, but now Eddie’s hiring was followed in the footsteps of another hiring of high-profile in HBCU football. In last year, Deion Sanders was hired by Jackson, who is an NFL Hall of Famer, and after hiring, he managed to gain the football program profile instantly. He has been seen in many games back to back on ESPN in just the last two weeks just because it’s prominent and best working style. It refers to something that happened in the history of the program.


Edward’s hiring is one of the first major prominent moves taken by the new athletic direction known as Dr. Mikki Allen. The former Tennessee university, administrators, and football player could be observing this movement and progress as a fabulous opportunity at program fundraising.

Will, there is one a one percent doubt that Edwin’s presence will be built an exciting change for the campus of Nashville. Allen played a crucial and invaluable role for Athletics of Tennesse According to the bio; he supported securing capital campaign gifts with more than $20 million during his tenure as an elite fundraiser in athletics. On the other hand, Edwin doesn’t have any experience in the football coaching industry, but there is no doubt that we can not question his football knowledge.