Running is considered as one of the best forms of work out as aerobics. And it has numerous benefits too in terms of mental and physical health. Also, as its a form of aerobic exercise, it really helps in reducing day to day stress, helps in improving your cardiovascular muscles and helps you to alleviate symptoms such as depression. It is considered as one of the best outdoor workouts, as well as the easiest. Also, it helps in building your core strength by burning calories. Perfect way to lose weight, with proper diet too. Also researchers found that the more people run, the less likely they were to suffer from any kind of knee pain or osteoarthritis. Infant it’s very helpful for your leg muscles and for your healthy heart. Running also helps in improving your memory and focus. A regular 30 minutes or more of  running as a workout makes people less likely to die from any health cause. 

  • Aerobics
  • Best outdoor workout
  • Improves health

But when it comes to elevate from running and sprinting most of the people get confused . It’s the advanced level of the running version.

 And it’s highly dependent on your endurance and resilience. Running at maximum pace is known as sprinting and it confers a variety of physiological and health-related benefits. If we see our day to day life, we eat too much of nutrient poor meals and quick foods, which leads to accumulation of fats in our bodies, making us obese. And usually because of a sedentary and comfortable lifestyle we don’t make enough efforts to maintain lean body mass. 

  • Try sprinting
  • Advance Level of running
  • Leaner body mass


By the way, have you wondered why athletes have less body fat as a percentage of overall mass than sprinters?  

Sprinters tend to have lower body fat percentages even though endurance athletes may look leaner. Sprinting is one of the best exercises for those who want to build speed, endurance and power. The more you train the fast-twitch muscle fibres in your legs, the faster you’ll be able to run and the higher you’ll jump. Your bones will get stronger. Sprinting is also counted as an HIIT which is a high intensity interval as it’s time-efficient and highly effective. 

  • lower body fat percentage 
  • Speed, endurance, power
  • HIIT


Sprinting has another level of name within HIIT, it’s known as SIT (sprint interval training)

It’s no secret but it’s a fact that sprinting like other forms of exercise is great for your heart. Regular sprinting can definitely lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood cholesterol levels, in proper blood circulation and also helps in the control and prevention of high blood pressure.

Sprinting on a daily basis also releases feel-good endorphins into the brain, which makes your mood refreshed and helps you to feel light, emotionally and mentally too.  The most important thing is it also helps in increasing metabolism, as we majorly face this issue.

  • SIT (sprint interval training)
  • Lower risk of heart disease 
  • Increase metabolism 
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