just sitting at home, sipping hot chocolate and watching Netflix all day long won’t help you. 

so stop dreaming and start working on boosting your metabolism for your healthy body and life. You can do it in day-to-day life by using a staircase at your workplace or home instead of elevators or lifts. You can walk a certain distance, you can carry your own stuff and always be on a move. Because every physical movement or activity counts and helps in increasing your longevity. The more intense is the activity, the more calories you tend to burn which helps you in increasing your metabolism and boosting your immune system. Regular exercise can help you in burning down unwanted calories and shedding unwanted pounds from your body. Above all, it helps to lower the risk of death. 

  • Boost metabolism 
  • Increase longevity 
  • Shed unwanted pounds

The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn and it’s easier to lose weight.

 People who have less metabolism tend to gain more fats even if they eat less. But if the metabolism rate is higher of an individual then even If you eat more you can burn it fast. So to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to watch and regulate your metabolism rate. Metabolism can be lower or higher depending on what you eat, your lifestyle, can be genetics, age and definitely your workout schedule. We should have control on what we eat, we should make our workout habits regular and also try to have a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Burn excessive calories
  • Lead healthy lifestyle 
  • Correct your habits

To boost metabolism rate, you should add weight training or strength training to your workout schedule for a leaner and toned body. 

Resistance training involves using gym equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, barbells, cata bells, but make sure that you are well trained and do it in the right posture. And just in case if you are not a gym freak, you can opt for a long jog it helps you to burn excessive fats and. Helps you to gain a lean physique. Going for high-intensity interval training involves a high amount of energy burn, which is very very beneficial. 

  • Weight training 
  • Use gym equipment
  • Lean physique

The crucial fact is after high-intensity interval training, your body continues to burn calories for 36 hours by increasing your metabolic rate.

 And make sure that you don’t take long breaks or intervals as it’s a high-intensity workout. And the most basic and important thing you need to do is eat right and healthy. Don’t starve yourself, never. Ignoring to lose your weight and Increase your metabolism you need to do a calorie deficit not starve. Avoid foods that have high sugar or carbohydrates, as in extreme. Try to optimize your calorie intake in a very healthy and realistic way. 

  • Go for High intensity workout
  • Don’t starve
  • Eat healthy

Make sure to include protein in your diet. 

Make sure that almost 20% -30% of your diet includes protein intake. Otherwise, your body will increase more sugar intake. You can go for lean meat, fish, pulses, legumes, yogurt, and nuts. You can add these to your daily normal meal for better health.

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