Water is the most basic. We are scientifically surrounded by water. An average human body is made up of & requires 65-70% of water

The water in our body is highly required to lubricate our joints, regulate our body temperature and to nourish our brains. 

Did you know that our Brains and heart is almost three quarter water, lungs have 83% of water content. So how about you? Are you drinking adequate and sufficient amounts of water? In this busy lifestyle and schedule do we really drink water properly? No, the majority of us fail to even drink 5-6 glasses of water in a day. We don’t really drink water or either we replace it with any other processed drink which can never ever give us the same nourishments and nutrients. Lack of water can really cause serious health problems. 

  • Human body is made up of 70% water
  • Proper nourishment and nutrition 
  • Don’t use replacement

So we just thought of helping you guys with the basics. 

Even if our human bodies are made up of water, why do we still need to drink water? It’s because if we see, scientifically we lose 1-2 litres of water every single day through sweat, urine. That’s why for us maintaining a certain level of water is important. For that we should start proper calculated consumption of water and try to avoid the replacements. Because, water cannot be replaced with anything. Through replacement of water you can definitely quench your thirst but you won’t get the nutrients that our body requires , that’s why we. Have to make sure we drink the correct amount of water every day. Otherwise your body will become dehydrated. 

  • Always stay hydrated
  • Calculate your consumption 

Lack of water can really make your drowsy, dampen and dry your skin and your energy level will drop suddenly

We all live in a world, where we have access to clean drinking water and it’s easier to maintain the balance of 2.5 to 3.7 litres of water on a regular basis.  Other beverages, like caffeine replenish fluids. Some of the fruits have a good amount of water content like strawberry, broccoli, cucumber has 90% water content. You can add those in your meals, but make sure to drink optimal amounts of water which reduces the chances of stroke, diabetics, and potentially it reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer too. 

  • Maintain balance 
  • Eat water vegetables 
  • Drink optimal amount of water

Right amount of water can help you feel good and energetic, think better and regulate you to function at its best. 

Stay hydrated for your better health, always vital. Especially if you are working out you need proper hydration before, during and after workout.  During our workouts (depending on intensity level), we sweat and relate moisture from our breath which is also a form of water.  So make it a habit and drink ample amounts of water. If you are dehydrated you may face problems like fatigue, headache, drowsiness etc. It also leads to physical and mental deterioration. Drink a few ounces of water even when you are working out before you start working out. 

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