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Ind vs Eng ODI: India-England have played 100 ODIs, this figure of win-loss will be mind-boggling.

Among the 100 ODIs played between the two teams, the Indian team has been the heaviest.

The four-match Test series is over and the five-match T20 series has also reached its end. Now it is the turn of the three-match ODI series between India and England. All three matches of the 50-over format will be played in Pune. But if you look at the statistics of ODI cricket history between the two countries, then you will definitely have a mind wandering. This is because, like in T20 cricket, ODI cricket has been playing a long-standing rivalry between the teams of India and England have played 100 ODIs against each other so far. In such a situation, knowing the mathematics of the victory and defeat of these bouts is bound to happen.

The 100 ODI matches between India and England have been played so far.

Among them, the Indian team has a slight upper hand. Team India has won 53 of these 100 matches. England’s team has won the tournament in 42 matches. There are 2 matches tie between the two teams while 3 matches have ended without any result. In such a situation, the first match of the ODI series to be played on 23 March in Pune will be the 101st ODI between the two teams.

Complete record of 100 one-day matches between India and England

Out of these 100 ODI matches, 48 ​​matches have been held on Indian soil. Out of these 48, Team India has won 31 matches showing the excellent game, while in 16 they have lost to England. There is 1 match tie. At the same time, India has won 16 of the 42 matches played in England, while in 22 it has lost against the British. There is 1 match tie between the two teams on the ground of England, while 3 are inconclusive.

Apart from this, the teams of India and England have clashed with each other in 10 ODIs at neutral locations. Of these, 6 matches were recorded in the Indian team’s account, while 4 won England’s hand. Now it has to be seen whose weight remains heavy in the current ODI series. The matches will be played on 23, 26 and 28 March.

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