Indian Army is the dream of many youths. Candidates in our nation have a true desire to serve in Indian Army on the field, protecting the nation and even sacrificing their lives. 

We have known and heard an endless number of stories of patriotism. Of course, this comes with a price, not money. But hard work, determination, and persistence theoretically as well as physically. To enter an Indian military academy you have to attain a certain level of fitness. Usually, cracking theoretical exams are much easier than passing a physical exam, because of lack of training or a proper amount of workout.

The majority of the selected candidates, particularly those hailing from urban areas, are in poor physical condition on joining the Academy, as a consequence of which they find it difficult to cope up with the training routine of the Indian Army. 

Inadequate physical fitness would lead in a negative way. Which might impact you physically, mentally too. This is the reason candidates are supposed to and even advised to keep themselves in a good physical state, by following the fitness regime daily, without skipping. 

Concerning your dreams, we thought of helping you all who have the dream to serve the nation and earn stars on their shoulder in olive green uniforms. Moment of pride. So we have gathered some of the major workouts mentioned here, which you need to practice and train every day without missing under any circumstances. So here are a few important exercises.

  1. Running, this is the major one. As you might know, as well, the Indian Army starts practice with running early in the morning around 4 am, and runs for miles as a part of the training. It has to be 5 km in 30 minutes, it would be difficult for you to endure if you don’t start now. You can begin with running slowly you will automatically catch up with the speed too. It will stimulate your heart and lungs and begin the process of toughening up muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and connective tissues. 
  1. Skipping actually comes under HIIT (high interval intensity training). It’s very impactful and burns around 1300 calories/hour. How fast, all you need to do is 15-20 mins of training with rope. It helps to burn calories fast and increases your metabolism rate. 
  1. Push-ups, is a complete body functional movement which is great for increasing strength and has also the benefits of helping the core and lower body. And above all, you don’t need any particular equipment and you can do it anywhere and everywhere. You can start with a minimum 30 push ups and keep increasing the number. 
  1. Sit-ups, this workout is usually for all body parts as it activates the whole nerves. Sit-ups are much beneficial for the abdominals, chest, back. It really helps you to strengthen the core. 
  1. Rope climbing, please do it under someone’s guidance who has the experience. You will require a very strong grip and also you should work for good biceps as it would help you a lot in rope climbing. It tones muscles, increases strength, and also helps you to build endurance. 

If you follow and do these above cited workouts everyday, it would be really helpful for you to get one step closer to your dreams which you have dreamt for a very long time.

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