So, what pops up in your head when you hear the word motivation? Kind of long speech or something? 

Might be! But it’s fine, as there are different ways of motivation too depending on the situation or phenomenon. But today in particular we will talk about more practical kinds of things. Because it’s always easier to say than practice. There are many reasons which can stop you from growing, there can be lots of reasons advancing in the form of excuses already. 

Here at your crossfit we came up with some basics which would definitely be a good reminder for you to keep moving on. 

  • Practice makes man perfect 
  • A gentle reminder
  1. Realistic dreams 

First of all, make sure your visual and dreams are realistic and phenomenal. And always pat your back at the end of the day for all the hard work and sweats you got drenched in. Because every single yet small step matters, a lot. Of course, we all get through tough times, but what matters the most is you should not remain stuck there, under any circumstances. Sit back, figure out and navigate through the hard times because there lies the motivation. 

  • Navigate your thought process
  • Overcome hardships
  1. Make a target

Secondly, do not look for small small hacks or short cuts in the path of your dreams. It’s you who wants to be a successful sports person, how a shortcut will The short cut itself is a lie. A short cut won’t make you stronger, smarter or healthier. It won’t help you to accomplish your target goals or to help you be the best version of yourself. So don’t opt for short cuts or easy ways. 

  • No shortcuts
  • Make a target  
  1. Discipline is the key

Thirdly, it’s the core of your dreams, discipline. The way of discipline especially in sports and fitness its the basic yet the backbone of your dreams be it on a harsh sunny day or cold winter mornings. If you do it then only it will be done. Letting go things, that the challenge. Its hard, sometimes you got to shed tears, but reflect on the reason of all your struggles, tears and pain. You cannot let it go in vain right? Then the key is to is discipline. 

  • Discipline is the major
  • Let go the things 
  1. Ownership mindset 

Fourthly, experience life. Yes, you read it right you just don’t have to exist but to live truly. But to experience life, you need to have a very ownership mindset simultaneously striving to take one step further every single day, every single moment is what you need. That definitely require courage, but make sure that you keep pursuing it. Because every single one of you out there are unique and meant to leave footprints with a new start.

  • Experience life with ownership mindset 
  • Make new trails

Fifth, you are capable. No doubt about that. Don’t even give a second thought regarding it. Don’t dream for a while and give up. Always keep in mind that every new day in your life is full of hope and so much more to achieve, so much more to train and so much more to grow. Truely, you are capable that’s why you could made that choice. You have the calibre. Just do it.

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