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MS Dhoni burnt life for IPL 2021 by repairing his bat, correct shape with saws and hammer

It seems MS Dhoni is going to play in the IPL 2021 with his own special bat.

The days of counting in the bugle of IPL 2021 are now over. But before that, MS Dhoni is busy giving final touches to his preparations. This time there is no malaise and question in IPL, CSK captains are seen taking special care of it. How is this final touch of Dhoni’s preparations, you can guess it by watching the video shared by Chennai Super Kings.

In the shared video of CSK, Dhoni himself can be seen repairing his bat. They are peeling it off the saw and giving it the right shape. He is getting beaten up by beating him with a hammer. After doing all this, MS Dhoni also watches by holding the grip of the bat and taking a stance. After doing all this, Dhoni again descends to net practice with the same bat. Where he also tries it out with a few shots.

Raina lands on practice with 3 bats

In this video of Chennai Super Kings, other players of the team are also seen, including Dhoni. Suresh Raina can be seen descending for practice with 3-3 bats in the video. Raina can also be seen practicing batting in front of Dhoni’s sharp eyes. Raina will be eyeing to complete his 6000 runs in IPL 2021.

Dhoni’s eye on young players practice

In the shared video of CSK, Dhoni is not only emphasizing on his preparations but also his focus is on the practice of the young players of the team. While Sam Karan is practicing batting, Dhoni is seen standing behind him and keeping a close eye on him.

Focus on team strategy

During the practice session of the team, Dhoni’s eye is also on making as much strategy as he is on practice. He can also be seen in the video discussing team strategies with team head coach Stephen Fleming.     

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