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Rohit Sharma’s record was broken, the player playing the 100th match was broken by just 10 runs more.

The batsman, who left behind Rohit Sharma, scored 24 runs in his innings on just 5 balls. He has scored 10 runs more than Rohit’s record runs.

Martin Guptill left behind Rohit Sharma

At present, it is only a matter of the T20 series against England. Rohit Sharma had named his name as the number two batsman after Virat Kohli in terms of scoring the most runs. He achieved this title by leaving behind Martin Guptill of New Zealand. But, this month has not passed yet and Martin Guptill again left Rohit Sharma behind. The record that Rohit had made on his soil, Guptil played it on his soil and got it again.

Indeed, there has been an interesting run of runs in T20 International. When a batsman goes ahead, it cannot be said. Now looking at the rivalry between Guptill and Rohit, this is what it looks like. Do you know Rohit should be ahead in the race of runs and Guptill behind him in the next series?

Guptill left Rohit behind with an innings of 35 runs

Martin Guptill did the job of leaving behind Rohit Sharma in the first match of the T20 series against Bangladesh. Martin Guptill did not score many runs in the first T20 at Hamilton. He faced 27 balls and scored 35 runs with 3 fours and 2 sixes. But, these runs from his bat were enough to make him the number two batsman in the T20 International’s list of runners, behind Rohit.

Martin Guptill’s big hand in 100th T20I

Guptill scored Rohit Sharma as soon as Guptill scored the 26th of his innings as he made his first T20 against Bangladesh by scoring 2839 runs in the last 95 innings of T20 International. The great thing is that it was also Guptill’s 100th T20 International match. After playing 96 innings of his 100th T20 on the international pitch, Guptill now has 2874 runs in his account.

That means 10 runs more than Rohit Sharma. Rohit has 2864 runs after 103 T20 International innings. At the same time, Indian captain Virat Kohli is leading the list of runs in T20. He has 3159 runs after 84 T20 International innings.

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