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Serbian model claims, 60 thousand euro were offered to trap Novak Djokovic

Serbian model Natalia Sketch recently claimed that she was offered a hefty amount to trap the world’s No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic and make the film of this honey trap. Natalia told that she was offered 60 thousand Euros for this work and vacation at any place of her choice.

Talking to Sweet and Scandal magazine, Natalia Sketch said that she had been approached by a person she knew about the case. This person asked Natalia for a date. He said, it is true that the person contacted me. I know her from London and I take it as a serious person.

Natalia Sketch said, I know about her work and she is very good. When they asked me for a date, I thought it would be business matter. However, as the conversation progressed, I saw that it had nothing to do with my life. The model said that she was stunned to hear that she wanted me to seduce Djokovic and also make a film for it. For this work he offered me 60 thousand euro.

The model said I thought there would be a hidden camera here. When he told me that I would like to seduce Novak and make his film as well, but you should not worry about it because he would watch it on his own. He told me that for this I will give 60 thousand Euros and a trip of it wherever I want. I laugh at this, thinking that he would say this is a joke, but that man was totally serious about that.

The sketch said that I felt very hurt and disgussed myself. The model turned down the offer, stating that she wanted to kill the man, but she could not because they were in a public place. She was surprised that she was being offered to tarnish the image of Djokovic, who is Serbia’s best ambassador.

The model told that I picked up my luggage and left from there. I hope he has not found such a girl, which he can do, because it will not be right for Novak. He is our best ambassador, an inspirational person, a family man.

Djokovic and Jelena seven years ago happily married couples, and they have two children – Tara and Stephen.

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