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To be honest, social media has a very positive effect on sports and fitness. It has completely changed, it is more interactive than before, more updates to fuel our sporting desires. 

Social media has completely changed the environment when it comes to sports from appreciation to criticism, from live-tweeting games, creating snarky memes, and cheerleading on social media.

It’s way too instant. Social media is really helping sports lovers to be engaged, follow their ideal sportsperson and even work on their dreams through new learnings. Also, it turned out to be a great opportunity for sporting professionals to be more responsible for their public comments and engage with their fans and interact in a wider community.

  • Positive effects 
  • More interactive 
  • Wider community 

“There’s a lot of new media out there that’s really changing up the way that we view our news,  but particularly in sport, it’s had a really interesting impact. I’m thinking of things like online-only websites or broadcasts, blogs, places like the Sporting Journal, which is a website run by a fourteen-year-old who actually managed to get accreditation to go to the London Olympics” says Merryn Sherwood, a La Trobe University Ph.D. candidate. This age of digitalization has truly changed the scenario and now the particular organization’s media department often holds the power to decide which player appears, where, and when, and that’s how it works. 

  • Age of digitalisation 
  • Media power

“From pictures of perfect physiques to the latest detox craze, there’s hardly a shortage of information on how to improve ourselves,” explains Roger E. Adams.

“When we realize that our friends and family are exercising ‘no matter what’ and are excited about their results, it has a stronger impact than any commercial on TV or through the mail,” says Andrew Selepak, Ph.D., director of MAMC Social Media within the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. This research has showcased a whole lot of completely different sorts of awareness, competition, and interaction.

  • Power of journalism & communication 
  • Awareness & competition 

It’s easily accessible, whoever is your ideal fitness enthusiast or sports person you can find it on nearly every social media platform.

 It’s just a matter of scroll, and you can fill yourself with numerous pieces of information on ways to improve your physical wellness. It’s amazing, isn’t it? “In our society today, fitness models on Instagram with a large enough following can get sponsors and endorsement deals. [They can] turn their interest into an actual career by working with health food companies, gyms, and fitness equipment companies,” explains Dr. Selepak.

  • Easily accessible 
  • Improve your physical wellness

Also, social media is playing so much important role in making us meet like-minded people with the same goals and interests. That’s where online support groups for health and fitness really come in handy as you can connect with various health and fitness or sports communities or groups, just by one tap. “Sometimes we just need a few likes to keep going back to the gym,” says Dr. Selepak.