Courage for the self. Courage to lose few battles to win the war. Courage to fall and develop the determination to pick yourself to win the war, that’s what inspirational Sucheta Pal says. 

Her story is a full struggle from deep depression to reaching the heights of success. She is someone who has persevered all kinds of challenges in terms of financial, mental, physical, and many other things. And her story is a kind of awakening call for many people. Even she took so many personality development courses, just to Improve her personality and there she learns what exactly she wanted to do in her life.

She received lots of encouragement, but as soon as she gathered her all courage she received so many toxic words around her. Which eventually led her to an overdose of depression pills and her health was affected too. She was so much hit into the depths that she waited for the pills to lead her to death. She was in so much pain. So eventually she reached out to her sister ad asked for help and got hospitalized in ICU for 2 days. The suffering seemed to be unending. But slowly she started to realize the blessings around her. 

  •  Journey from distress to success
  • Unending suffering
  • Realise your blessings around you

And she made her mindset to focus on what she wanted to do.

 “Dance and start a dance school” but initially she got stuck between her job and her plan for her dream dance school. At the age of 25, she quit her IT job and got herself registered in a dance school in Mumbai. She used to train hard continuously for 6-7 hours a day and did 2-3 part-time jobs to sustain herself in India’s most happening city of dreams, Mumbai.

She used to sell books, dropped sarees, and whatnot. And above all introducing Zumba in India was a very tough job. She did a lot of extensive groundwork to make it happen. And also she is the country’s first Zumba Education Specialist (ZES). This was all the result of tears, sweat, pain, suffering. She made sure that seven if she falls back she have to come back. To make her dreams come true. 


It’s all about taking initiative in what you want do. You need to realise the potential within you, you need to embrace yourself, make a decision

Work on it, be it anything. Set a goal, just like she did and proved herself. She even helped her mother-in-law, who is someone who suffered from arthritis and couldn’t even climb stairs and now she rocks the stage and even help others to get closer to their dreams. And through that, she found her happiness. 

  • find your happiness 
  • Set a goal and prove yourself 


Sucheta Pal said “it is not going to be an easy path, to follow your passion and dreams. Have at least one confidant, one support system, be it an individual, education, or job. A safety net gives you the power to soar, and if you fall, there is someone or something to catch you”. Her piece of advice also is, “when it comes to winning in life, you have to first know how to lose, and it’s an important process. So, live it, feel it and when you win, which we all eventually do, laugh at it!” 

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