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Curious? But you gotta do it!

The most searched words on the internet right? Well, it’s true though, there is also a reason behind it. This whole generation seems to be pretty easygoing, only a few are concerned about their health.

Especially this lockdown which has been following since the month of March has led to so many obese cases and many other health issues coming up. Well, it’s time to gear up now. 

  1. Proper workout

Weight loss topic itself is very vast, there are many different ways, techniques according to an individual. 

Firstly, the most effective way to lose weight is a regular workout and proper diet according to one’s body. Being physically active plays a very important role even for our internal organs to function well with a proper amount of oxygen and blood circulation. There is very interconnection between physical activities, workout and the food which you eat. So you need to monitor it very carefully, as every individual body has its own requirements and it differs.

  • Regular workout and physical activity 
  • Healthy food
  • Monitor your schedule 

2. Eat clean

Eating Clean 101: 7 Basic Principles for Better Fitness - Provision  Healthcare

Secondly, eating mindfully. Yes, the toughest one to follow. Even though you go for a workout but eat mindlessly, it will do no good to your body. Because what you eat, shows on your body. So make sure of including proper nutrients including vegetables, a good amount of protein, fiber, whole grains, and dairy products also mindful eating involves the posture you are sitting while eating. Please avoid distractions while eating and make sure to eat while sitting on a chair. 

  • Eating mindset
  • Make sure to include veggies, fruits 
  • Take calculated nutrition 

3. Cut sugar & carbohydrates 

Cut Sugar And Refined Carbs From Your Diet - Cut Sugar, Lose Body Fat &  Quit Smoking: Lifestyle Habits To Ditch Diabetes | The Economic Times

Thirdly, cutting sugar and carbohydrates from the diet. The majority of the people don’t know or usually avoid this part by thinking it will. Be fine. But it’s not fine. Packaged food contains refined carbohydrates which are heavily processed foods that no longer contain essential nutrients. It has a high content of sugar, and eating those is like inviting disease to your door. So please don’t. Even while you are at work or hanging out with your friends, make sure that you don’t replace healthy food or fresh juices which is a natural source of sweet with any preservatives.

  • Avoid sugar and carbs
  • Avoid preservatives 
  • Take natural sources of sweetness through fruits

4. Sleep without stress

Make Better Bedtime Habits A Part of Your Child's Routine - Johns Hopkins  All Children's Hospital

Last but not the least, please have proper sleep without stress. Yes, sleeping plays a very important role in your weight loss. Minimum 6 Hours of sleeping is a must, less than that slows down the process of metabolism which leads to obesity. And do not stress, I know it’s difficult especially such a hectic lifestyle. But you can go for a walk or yoga for at least 30 minutes in the morning or at night to remain stress-free. Above all,  start now. before it’s too late.

  • Sleep without stress
  • Take proper sleep
  • Go for regular walk or do yoga

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