Well, age is just a number. Namrata Purohit’s fascinating story will make you go head over heels with some mind-blowing inspiration.

 Also, did you know the This 21-year-old is also a national-level squash player, a footballer, a certified scuba diver, and an entrepreneur as well? Just imagine, a young girl setting examples and inspiration. but, the turning point came when she was just 15-16 years old and she fell while horse riding and had a severe knee injury.

Even doctors said that she could never, make a come back and had to bid farewell to the sports industry. But she had the determination and vigor of not giving up. Ever. So she gathers herself back once again and tried many things. Many of the exercises did not work so she decided to join a Pilates course that her father was hosting in Mumbai. 

  • Youngest instructor in the world
  • Determination and will power

She said “I could play squash again and even stood fourth in the nationals that year. This made me a complete believer in the magic of Pilates. That was when I decided that this form of exercise needed to be introduced to many more people in our country,”.

She also loves dancing and has learned many dance forms in the past few years. All thanks to Pilates, her list of accomplishments is growing day by day and step by step. She has also learned Indian classical singing. She is a certified scuba diver and recently went skydiving too. Now she plans to do the skydiving course to fly solo without a Tandem instructor. She always believes in soaring high. 


Usually, people her age, enjoy their college life, but very few make a real effort to strive and achieve what they want. And Namrata is one of them, whatever it may be she focuses on her growth. The parts which she is lacking and she can correct more. And now she is one of the youngest Pilate coaches from India in the whole world.

She trains Bollywood celebrities, including cricketers, football players, international squash players, and swimmers. Also, her studio is partnered with Miss India Pageant since 2011, and also she was the official Pilates coach to the Mumbai City FC team. Miss Namrata truly is an inspiration for all the youth with her determination and positive driven attitude towards life. 


She says “You cannot wait till tomorrow to do something. You have to manage your time well, make sure that you have everything in place, and complete work without any delay.” Also, she added, “Fitness is far more than just how you look. It includes strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, high energy levels, and much more.” It’s not necessary for you to have a gym membership, exercise can be done at home or in an open space too. and not that’s it, she has gathered all her experiences and wrote a book on fitness too.  Just train smart. KISSS: Keep it Safe, Simple, and Smart, is her parting advice to all those willing to listen.

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